Sanju Crosses Rs 150 Crore Mark While Race 3 Grosses Over Rs 100 In The First Week


New Delhi:Salman Khan appears to be an in-disposable star in Bollywood and has lived up to his name 'Blockbuster Khan' with his Race 3 getting terrific start at the box office. The movie collected Rs 106.47 Crore in its first weekend despite all the negative reviews. Also, Ranbir Kapoor starrer Sanju released two weeks later and even the Sanjay Dutt's biopic collected a whopping amount of Rs 167.51 Crore and is expected to cross Rs 200 Crore in its first week.

When the whole country is going gaga over Ranbir Kapoor starrer Sanju, Salman Khan seems to be not willing to watch the biopic. While a lot of celebrities have tweeted their praises on the movie, Salman Khan has failed to do so. A report from Zoom TV states that Salman Khan has not watched Sanju yet, and all of this despite Sanjay Dutt repeatedly requesting him to watch his biopic on the silver screen. Sanjay and Salman were good friends, but it looks like it's not the same anymore.

In theory, we can state that Salman Khan didn't watch Sanju yet as he's busy with his Dabangg tour in the USA, and didn't find time to watch Sanjay Dutt's biopic.

It's been a long time since Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor saw eye-to-eye, and it's believed that their cold war brewed right after Ranbir's alleged affair with Salman's ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif.

Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt have been close friends for decades and always had each other's back when crisis arrived. Things have taken a complete u-turn since a few years andall are wondering why!

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