Kriti Sanon Says Only Way To Survive In Industry Is To Go With Flow And Nothing Lasts Forever


New Delhi:Bareilly Ki Barfifame KritiSanon believes there is more insecurity in the acting profession but the only way to survive in the industry is to go with the flow and understand that nothing lasts forever. An engineering graduate, Kriti became a model before debuting as an actor with Heropanti in 2014. She has since featured in films such as Dilwale, Raabta and Bareilly Ki Barfi.

“There is insecurity and competitiveness here, but that is in every field. Maybe it’s a little bit more here, but that’s the kind of job I’ve chosen for myself. The best way is to go with the flow, be true to yourself and put your 100 per cent, so you don’t regret not doing something you could have,” said Kriti.

The actor says rather than focusing on quantity, one should do a film for the right reasons. “I realise that success and failure both don’t last for too long, you are as good or bad as your last film. It’s very important to choose the film for the right reason. It’s important to balance things out and not get stuck in one kind of cinema or genre. As an actor, it not only helps me grow but also gives the audience to see a different version of you. I’ve always tried to do that.”

The 27-year-old actor, who is the brand ambassador for education New Zealand, launched scholarships and Masters campaign for Indian students at an event last evening. Kriti, who holds a B Tech degree, says learning is a constant in life as that helps one to evolve. “I’m learning something new every single day while playing different characters. Like, I am learning about my own processes, what works and doesn’t work for me. With every director, actor you imbibe certain things, learn about the technicalities of filmmaking, especially when you are an outsider.”

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