Bhavesh Joshi Superhero To See Emergence Of A New Kind Of Bollywood Superhero


New Delhi: Film director Vikramaditya Motwane has said that the country’s socio-political situation in the early 2010s inspired him to write the film called Bhavesh Joshi Superhero which will see the emergence of a new kind of Bollywood superhero -- who is essentially human yet mature than what people have seen before.

Vikramaditya Motwane says, “Sometimes just living at a particular place makes you angry. A lot of it came from 2010-11 when many scams were unearthed. You had a government that was accused of big scams like the Commonwealth Games scam. I was generally very upset about the situation.”

He continues, “I was getting frustrated for some document related works. In such a situation, you fantasize about going out and beating some people up. Graphic novels are all about fantasies. Superman and Batman started it. It’s like a reaction to environment around you. You desire to do things in comic books or films what you can’t do in real life.”

He further says, “A film is a film. You can’t mete out vigilante justice in real life. Making realistic films is basically about the style. This film is fairly rooted in fantasies.”

Motwane knows that focussing on real issues was the idea behind Bhavesh Joshi Superhero. He says, “Water is not a big issue yet because we have lakes and all, but it’s going to be big. Contamination is already a big problem, and some cities like Bangalore and Cape Town are already facing water problems. People are getting cancer.”

“Actually, I was driving by and I saw a poster saying that the local MLA has ensured 24 hours drinking water. They are making a political agenda out of one of the most essential things in life,” adds Motwane.

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