Adnan Writes Back To Trolls...Kashmir Is An Integral Part Of India. Don’t Poke Your Nose In Things That Do NOT Belong To You!


New Delhi: Singer Adnan Sami, who celebrates his birthday on the same day as India’s Independence Day, gets trolled often. On Thursday, the singer, who was born a Pakistani and later took Indian citizenship in 2016, found himself fielding trolls again but took them on in style.

A troll asked him about his father. The user wrote “whr ur father was born & died?” Replying promptly, the singer said: “My father was born in 1942 in India & died in 2009 in India!!! Next!” However, the attacks did not stop there. Another user asked him: “Adnan sami if you have guts just message on kashmir issue then see tera yeh India tera kia haal karta hai...” Undeterred, Adnan wrote back: “Sure...Kashmir is an integral part of India. Don’t poke your nose in things that do NOT belong to you!”

When another user wrote: “We got rid of you”, Adnan promptly hit back, saying “No you didn’t... I Walked out!”

Earlier this month, after the sudden death of former external affairs minister, Sushma Swaraj, Adnan has written a touching note on his association with the late leader. He had written: “My family & I are in complete shock to learn the tragic news of dear Sushma ji’s sudden demise. She was a motherly figure for all of us; an extremely respected stateswoman; exceptional orator & a very loving, caring & warm soul. Will miss her dearly.” He also shared a number of pictures of his family with Sushma Swaraj.

In February, he had tweeted addressing trolls (who often attack him online), in the aftermath of IAF’s air strikes across the LoC. “Dear Pak trolls, It’s not about your egos being given a reality check today; it’s about eliminating terrorists who you ‘claim’ are also your enemies! Your Ostrich mentality is laughable. By the way, your abuses expose your reality and therefore the only difference between you and a bucket of rubbish is the bucket!”


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